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The Valcucine Air Logica kitchen with V-Motion cabinets

No longer simply describing the look of a space, minimalism has taken on new meaning in modern kitchen design – reducing both what we consume and how we interact with one of the most important rooms of the home.

Until now, the concept of Smart-Kitchens conjures images of Jetson’s like appliances serving up dinner or washing the dishes. Modern appliances are rapidly progressing, integrating experience with technology, and a simple motion sensor on the pantry light removes one touch point that we use on a regular basis. If we take a step back from the kitchen sink there is so much more that can be distilled.

Keeping a kitchen clean is important, not just because we’ve invested so much in the cabinetry, but because we don’t really want to be garnishing our salad with bacteria. It also takes time that could be better spent elsewhere. Removing the need to physically touch things like door handles and light switches means less grime and thus, less time getting rid of it.

Considering this, Italian kitchen manufacturers Valcucine have created V-motion technology, whereby opening the kitchen cupboards is done by waving your hand over a sensor. Apart from making you look like a culinary magician when the guests are over, it means there are no door handles so there's one less thing to clean.

Moveable power sockets make cooking a true plug-and-play experience.

This technology extends to light as well, where the same sensors can control the colour of the light in the cabinets. Perfect for controlling the mood but without a light switch. Another thing you don’t have to clean, and the same for the taps that can be operated without touch by a simple hand gesture.

Think about it – less time spent cleaning, less need for toxic cleaning products, and a lot less dollars in the supermarket buying them.

It is part of a broader system by Valcucine that also saves you buying things like knife-blocks and dish drainers because behind the self-opening doors is a modular set of storage solutions. Hidden away when not needed, even the kitchen tap can be concealed and a clever track system means power points are now plug-and-play. Simply plugging in the point or a USB outlet to the track allows you to move your sockets to where your appliances are.

Made completely out of recycled aluminium and glass, the Invitrum system is easier to clean and uses less materials.

The power of this thinking extends to materials too, with the Invitrum base unit being made completely out of recycled aluminium and impact resistant glass. This means that surfaces and cabinet doors are no longer susceptible to steam or moisture, therefore they won't swell and are easier to clean. It eliminates the need for bulky chipboard too as the profiles are 10mm, saving 73% on raw materials, and also – in the case of a future renovation – you can put your entire kitchen in the recycling.

Combined with the Genius Loci part of the Valcucine family, handleless storage holds a secret with the fore-edge of the kitchen bench being a series of exquisitely crafted secret drawers, perfect for a flat-lay of cutlery and small items.

All-in-all, it is pretty amazing what a few key ingredients can boil down to and sometimes great design is more about what you can’t see than what you can. Next time you're preparing that balsamic reduction it might be worth considering what else you can reduce around you.


The Valcucine range is available exclusively through Rogerseller