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Zip’s HydroTap ARC CS

Zip’s HydroTap ARC CS

Zip HydroTap is perfect for areas that need to provide simple, fast and energy efficient chilled and sparking water. This is one of the key reasons it was specified in the Atelier Andy Carson designed ConceptSpace ‘Buying local’.


Andy was looking for a solution that would suit this unique space that provides a service to both the local neighbourhood customers and also for the  everyday use for families.  

“Based on this need we decided to install a Zip HydroTap ARC that offers chilled or sparkling drinking water as a hospitable gesture for customers to self-serve or host guests”, said Andy.

Andy’s philosophy is about creating spaces that are functional, and bringing together his experience in designing for both the hospitality industry and also stunning residential spaces. It is this blended experience that informed this space that caters to a post-covid world where people are spending more time in their local areas, wanting to support their neighbours and in some cases looking at innovate ways to supplement salaries that may have been severely impacted. This tap was a perfect fit as there are health benefits not only to the occupants but to the broader environment as well as the finish being a perfect standout in the uncluttered space. 


From a design perspective, taps can be seen as being purely functional, but in a space like this it's imperative that every element is aligned in both form and function. In specifying the ARC CS Zip HydroTap, a timeless design, it ensures that each appliance adds to the overall wellbeing of the space.

Altogether, it is a perfect solution for a living space that needs to cater to a wide variety of needs. 

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