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Zip HydroTap® Elite BCS is the ultimate in form, function and innovation.

'Eye in the Sky' a perfectly balanced solution for modern apartment living

The Zip HydroTap Elite BCS delivers filtered boiling, chilled and even sparkling water instantly. Applicable to both commercial and residential applications, this Zip HydroptTap is perfect for areas that need to maximise space. This is one of the key reasons it was specified in the Killing Matt Woods designed Concept Space, 'Eye in The Sky'. 

Matt was looking for a solution that would suit a range of living styles from everyday use for families to being a perfect companion for entertaining. Matt's philosophy is about creating spaces that are healthy, sustainable and timeless. This tap was a perfect fit as there are health benefits not only to the occupants but to the broader environment as well as the finish being a perfect standout in an uncluttered kitchen. 

Research identified a few key facts. One, 80%* of Zip owners drink more water, which is easy to understand. And with families, it’s a far easier and healthier solution than juices and other alternatives. Two, and such an important factor today, is it eliminates the need for bottled water. Three, in conjunction with UNSW Global, they have estimated the cost to be $1.25 per week. These all makes this tap a compelling choice for 'Eye in the Sky'.

The Kerferd Plc Kitchen features Zip’s HydroTap Classic in bright chrome and the Tableau by Cantilever

From a design persecutive, taps can be seen as being purely functional, but in a space like this, it's imperative that every element is aligned in both form and function. In specifying the Elite Zip HydroTap, a timeless design, it ensures that each appliance adds to the overall wellbeing of the space.

Zip HydroTap® Elite BCS is the ultimate in form, function and innovation.

The Elite Zip HydroTap is also extremely versatile, with a large range of features.

Features such as being able to set to a finger-thumb operation to access boiling water, eliminating risk of accidental use. Also it can also be set to boiling water “isolation mode” for total safety when the kitchen is unattended. 

It’s also a great energy saver, having an inbuilt 24/7 automatic timer that turns power on and off over weekends or weekday periods. And for a seriously cool feature, it automatically sleeps when the kitchen goes dark for added power savings overnight. 

It can also be easily adapted to provide hot water for washing up to a secondary outlet with additional “Vented Mixer” kit. 

Overall it is a perfect solution for a living space that needs to cater to a wide variety of needs. 

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*Statistic based on a survey of 354 owners of residential-installed Zip HydroTaps.