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creating kick ass interiors

A focus on no more new shit

Design studio Killing Matt Woods was born in 2009 with the intention of creating kick ass interiors, and doing their part to reduce the heavy burden the construction industry places on the environment. Lead designer Matt Woods is an industrial designer by training with a postgraduate Sustainable Architecture background. Over the last 10 years he has created award winning designs for a diverse range of industries including hospitality, retail, workplace and residential projects.

‘Extrapolating the idea of sustainability to basically mean “no more new shit” Matt Woods has a design stratagem like no other. Each project is beautiful, authentic, and entirely of its own evolution. Reworking found and repurposed objects, materials and finishes through his unique and very serious design thinking, amazing sense of style and commitment to delivering amazing interiors, a Woods interior is like no other. Moreover each project conceptually envelops sustainability from a new and ever expanding set of criteria that goes well beyond the solar mitigation of most.’ 

Gillian Seriser, Inside Magazine, April 2017 

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