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Bijl Architecture

Melonie Bayl-Smith

Bijl Architecture is an ambitious Sydney based practice seeking to challenge the status quo. We believe that our homes, schools and places of gathering are an expression of our communities’ collective values and hopes, for now and for the future. Through our work, we make these aspirations resolutely life-affirming and real.

Led by founding director and principal architect Melonie Bayl-Smith, Bijl Architecture is guided by the belief that architecture must improve our comfort and connections: to each other, to ourselves, and to future generations. This belief focuses the renowned energy and determination of our tight-knit studio team on the daily pursuit of these aims with and for all of our clients.

We’re also unapologetic opportunists. We see latent potential, creating designs that bring enduring surprise and delight. As a result, Bijl Architecture’s work has been published far and wide, winning design and industry awards along the way. 

Our residential projects are borne from an empathic, deeply personal expression of our clients’ vision; our educational and public works invest in the potential of architecture to serve people through advancing pedagogy, industry and ideas.

We raise our voices tirelessly to progress the profession in the interests of our shared legacy, for students and practitioners, and the public alike.

Most of all, our architecture is impeccably detailed, grounded in economic mindfulness, perceptive, and proudly Bijl – alive with light, character and finesse; sometimes mercurial, always striving.

HouseLab ConceptSpaces team: Melonie Bayl-Smith, Andrew Lee, Giles Gibbins, Rachael O’Toole.

The Bijl team from left to right: Andrew Lee, Natasha Grice and Giles Gibbins (standing) and Rachael O'Toole and Chelsea Dawson (seated). Photo: Kirsten Delaney