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Yellow trace isn't just a blog, it is the paper architects use for drawing.

Between the Pinterest boards, plans and permits there is a vocabulary inherent to the architectural process that can often be confusing, if not intimidating. To get you started in understanding the big words behind the building, we’ve compiled our first lesson in the lingo of the architect.

Amenity: Simply, this is a service provided by a building to a human. Think toilet.

Code: Yes, it may seem that architects speak in code, but when they say ‘code’ they are generally referring to the building codes of Australia.

Nominated architect: This is the person ultimately responsible for signing off the drawings of your new home before it goes to construction. Every architectural practice has one and they need to be registered with the appropriate body in the state in which they are working.

Program: Not quite time to kick back and enjoy your favourite TV show, when your architect speaks about programs they are talking about the layout of your home and the way the spaces come together.

Schedule: No doubt you will have a timeline for your project, but in Archispeak a schedule usually refers to the list of furniture, finishes and fixtures that go to making your new home.

Set-back: Hopefully, the only set-back you will have in creating a new home is the space between your front door and the boundary of your property.

Typology: No, it’s not the font used on the mailbox; it is the type of home you are after.

Vernacular: Like the architecture profession, buildings too have a language of their own and that language is described as the vernacular.

If you would like to add to this, as an architect who is misunderstood or a home owner trying to understand… drop us a line and we’ll explain it.