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The Beton Collection from Artedomus

Artetech Beton Smoke porcelain panel wall with Artegres Beton Blends in Smoke floor

The Beton Collection from Artedomus is designed as a practical, high-performance alternative to traditional concrete. It looks like concrete but is made from porcelain. 

Artetech Beton porcelain panel wall and floor 

The range stretches across the tiles with a true concrete-look surface, to blends created using three tile formats that are arranged in a variety of patterns. Then there are the impressive Artetech panels, created specifically for use as flooring, walls and splash backs due to its high physical strength and high resistance to scratching, etching and heat, with a low maintenance requirement. Extra-large, strong, light, durable, versatile and 100% natural, technical pressed porcelain is the most advanced architectural surface on the market.

Artegres Beton Blends in Smoke 

Here at HouseLab we’ve been living with a porcelain benchtop for the best part of two years so this latest range has got us pretty excited. 

If you've ever run your hands over any of the porcelain ranges you’ll immediately get the sense of a truly unique texture, and this is just the beginning of the remarkable qualities of porcelain.  


The thing we most love about the range is its truly broad set of applications. It sits beautifully in the kitchen as a benchtop or splashback and could be just as easily used as large format floor or wall tiles. This flexibility extends to the bathroom, and it can also be used externally. 

Artetech Beton bathroom walls and floor

Pressed using natural materials, the environmentally conscious Artetech porcelain panels provide limitless design possibilities for both interior and exterior applications – being lightweight, durable, UV stable and ultimately cost effective.

Available in either a slimline 6mm or 12mm thickness: the 6mm blends are available in the single Concrete finish and the 12mm is available in a combination of Concrete (600 × 50 / 150mm) and Bush Hammered (600 × 100mm) finishes.

The whole range is suitable for commercial and residential buildings, ensuring that we’ll see them appearing in plenty of homes and buildings in the near future. 



Tiles - https://www.artedomus.com/products/beton

Blends - https://www.artedomus.com/products/beton-blends

Porcelain Panels - https://www.artedomus.com/products/beton-graphite