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The Orbitkey keyring began life as a Kickstarter project.

As we transition into the warmer months HouseLab asks Top3 founder and curator, Terri Winter, to discover her picks of the season when it comes to those more personal touches that make a house a home.

I am a huge advocate for buying less and buying better, and although the change of the season does make you feel inclined to redecorate your entire home – take a step back before you put everything on eBay or throw it on the council pickup pile, and consider a few details that can help you transition. In the long term, ensure you always buy less and buy better. When you have classic pieces that transcend the latest fashions you will have a home that can easily transition from season to season with just a few little details to freshen it up.

Blacklist limited edition prints and canvas artwork | “Joie de Vivre” (an edition of 50) from original collage work, spray paint and oil pastel and ‘shining Lights” – A collaboration between Sydney Photographer Sarah Louise Kinsella and Nathan from Blacklist. (limited edition of 50)

Artwork makes a house a home

New artwork just released from Sydney-based design Studio Blacklist. Blacklist was founded by Nathan and Jaynie Johnson, and has been helping homeowners turn houses into homes since 2008. The great thing with selecting art to update your home is that you can keep it and move it from room to room. All art that you buy should tug on the heartstrings or make you feel an emotive connection. That way once you own it, you will always find a place for it in your home, no matter what the season. Just move it around from room to room to change the vibe instantly! You can hang art or try leaning it up on a hall console with a vase and candles to keep it fresh without starting over.

Difference 01, 2017 by Marcus Piper – Printed and embossed on aluminium by Axolotl (Edition of 9) in the home of Terri Winter.

Personally, one of my most valued more recent purchases of art was an original piece by Marcus Piper (who you might recognise as a key driver for this very website, he is a man of many talents.) This limited-edition work was produced by Australian finishes company Axolotl and takes pride of place in my home. Even in its short life it has lived in two different rooms in my home – changing the space it inhabits.

The new season Basil Bangs cushions and umbrellas.

Summer is coming – New Basil Bangs has arrived!

Australian brand Basil Bangs has become synonymous with Summer. Every year their new releases are eagerly anticipated. Vibrant patterns and collaborations with local artists keep their range fresh and exciting. This year heralds some slightly more quiet classics (always with a twist!) and some wild prints that will dress your backyard or patio for your next weekend soiree.

Orbitkey pulls together all life's tiny details into one elegant solution.

Keys to the castle

Every time you leave the house it is a hunt for your keys. Get organised and find yourself a key organiser that you love to use, then you won’t lose it. (Personally, I have the same philosophy for umbrellas – if you love it you won’t lose it but that might be a story for another day!)

So, unless you have been living under a (designer) rock you will have come across Orbitkey which started its life as a Kickstarter project. Charles (founder and inventor) hated the rattle of his keys, particularly when he jogged so in 2013 he came up with a solution to keep them neat and tidy AND get rid of the rattle.

After showing friends, they all wanted one and what started as a side project quickly began over-taking his life. Fast forward to 2018 and Orbitkey is a winner of the German IF GOLD design Award for its innovation and is helping people around Australia and the globe carry their keys better.

Personally, I can’t imagine life without mine. As well as the original key organiser itself there are a range of accessories, bottle openers, USBs, D-rings and straps… (insider tip – some new and very cool accessories to make your Orbitkey even more invaluable will be available very very soon!)

They might seem like little things but they remind me that even the little details can turn a place your own. Sliding the key in the door is very much a part of arriving, not to my house, but to my home.



WRITTEN BY Terri Winter | Founder + Curator at top3 by design